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¡Hola y bienvenidos a el grupo dedicado a las culturas de Mesoamerica! Aquí se puede encontrar arte basado e inspirado por las culturas de esta región. Esto incluye los Mayas, Aztecas o Mexica, los Zapotecos y Mixtecos, Tarascas o P'urepechas, los Teotihuacanos y muchos mas. Ahora, un poco de las reglas de este grupo:

-Por favor suben o recomienda arte basado o inspirado por las culturas de Mesoamerica. Esto incluye arte de los Dioses, la religión, los guerreros, cosas históricos o lo que sea (solo que sea relacionado). Si el arte es inspirado, pero contiene mínimo elementos Mesoamericanos es posible que va ser rechazado.

-Sobre el arte inspirado de Mesoamerica, solo hay dos temas que no van a ser aceptable. Esos son: Cosas que relaciona los extraterrestres con las culturas de Mesoamerica y cosas tratando de el año 2012 y el supuesta mente "fin del mundo". Esto grupo no es de ciencia-ficción. Por favor respeten.

-Arte con violencia y figuras desnudas son aceptable. Solo que pasen las reglas de este sitio (deviantart).

-Por favor ponga el arte en las categorías correctas. Si tiene pregunta, estoy disponible para responder. Y por cualquier razón puso el arte en la categoría incorrecta no hay problema que yo lo arreglare yo mismo.

-No hay enfoque a cualquier tiempo. El arte se puede tratar de los Mesoamericanos antiguos o de hoy en dia.

¡Espero a ver tu arte y disfruten! :)



Hello and welcome to the group dedicated to the cultures of Mesoamerica! Here you can find art based on or inspired by the cultures of this region. This includes the Maya, Aztecs or Mexica, the Zapotec and Mixtecs, Tarsascans or P'urepecha, the Teotihuacan culture and many others. Now, for a little about the rules of this group:

-Please submit or suggest artwork inspired by or based on the cultures of Mesoamerica. This includes subjects such as religion, the Gods, warriors, historical illustrations or anything really (as long as it is relevant). If the art is inspired by, but only contains minimal elements from Mesoamerica it may be rejected.

-On work inspired by Mesoamerica there is only two themes that are not acceptable. These are things related to aliens or things related to the 2012 'apocalypse'. This group is not science-fiction, please be respectful.

-Violence, nudes and sexual themes are acceptable so long as they follow the sites rules.

-Please put the art in the appropriate categories. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask and I will gladly answer. For whatever reason you did put one of your pieces in the wrong sections, I will fix it no problem.

-There is no focus regarding time periods. It can be Mesoamerican related art whether it deals with ancient or present times.

I look forward to seeing your art and enjoy the group! :)


There are five categories to choose from.

Featured: This is for featured work.
Central Mexico: This area is where you can add artwork inspired by or depicting the Aztecs, Tlaxcallans, Toltecs, Teotihuacan, Otomi, and other people of the region.
Maya Area: This area includes Belize, Southern Mexico, Guatemala and parts of El Salvador and Honduras. This is where you can add artwork inspired by or depicting the Maya and a few of their lesser known neighbors like the Lenca, Xinca, and others.
Other Mesoamerican People: This is where you can include cultures from Mesoamerica that are not in the Maya region or from Central Mexico. These regions are:

in Mexico:
-Oaxaca - the Zapotec, Mixtec, Chatino, Chontal, Chocho, Mixe, Zoque, Mazatec, Chinantec, Huave and other cultures.
-Guerrerro: the Xochipala cultures, the Amuzgos, Yopi, Matlazinca,  Cuitlatecas, Ocuitecas, Mazatlecos, Tlahuicas,  Coixcas, Tepoztecos, Mixtecs,  Tolimecas, Chubias, Pantecas and others
-Gulf Coast - the Olmecs, Huaxtecs, Totonacs, Veracruz cultures and others.
-the Northwest - the Chichimec groups, Purepecha, the people of the Michoacan, Sinaloa, Colima, Jalisco, Nayarit and other cultures.

El Salvador: the Pipil, and Lencas of El Salvador.

Honduras: The Lenca of Honduras and their northwestern neighbors.

-Pacific Coast: The Nicarao.

Costa Rica:
-Northern Pacific Coast: The Chorotega, Nicoya.

Other: If your work has no regional focus, and/or is more of a general 'Mesoamerica' inspiration than it goes here. If the artwork contains people from different regions it can also go here.

If in doubt on what is considered Mesoamerica by most scholars, see this map:…

Lastly, as a final note: please do not submit South American cultures. Mesoamerica=Middle America. South America=SOUTH. I love those cultures, but this group is not about them, Thanks.
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